As we prepare for the community to meet the two finalists for the vacant Chief of Police position, each finalist will address the community and any questions. Please submit your questions for the candidates.

Please note that, due to limited time, all questions may not be asked; some questions may be combined with others to maximize the candidates' time. An external moderator will conduct the review and asking of the questions. For consideration, please submit questions by 1/4/2021.

Kate Lynch almost 2 years ago

Why has Cleveland decided to leave his current position with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department? According to an article published with the Classic City News a few days ago, former employees of the ACCPD allege that Spruill is an ineffective leader, has failed to gain the trust of the department, and created a toxic work environment in the 3 years he has been there. What is his response to those allegations? How would things be different here in Frederick?

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