Meeting Time: April 19, 2021 at 6:00pm EDT

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Bloomfields - West of Route 15N and north of Willowbrook Road and the Homewood community

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    Chuck Hough about 2 years ago

    Question: What are the accepted Standards, Codes, Documents or “laws” that are being referenced and utilized to produce the changes to Timber Grove Road and Christopher's Crossing?

    Question: Is it the City of Frederick’s intent to reference the MUTCD and MDMUTCD to justify the removal of the All Way Stop at the intersection of Christopher’s Crossing and Timber Grove Rd, and not perform a more thorough examination of the existing conditions at this intersection and neighborhood and ignore the majority of the residents, who are directly effected, of NorthCrossing who do not want this All Way Stop removed?

    Question: How does the City of Frederick justify classifying a 4 lane median divided street with travel lanes that are 9’ wide, 3’ narrower than the City’s own standard design requirements as an “Urban Primary Arterial Roadway”?

    Question: How does the City justify restricting access from a neighborhood with ~approximately ~200 single family residential homes that has one entrance into the neighborhood, to an “Urban Primary Arterial Roadway”?

    Question: How does the City justify routing traffic from ~200 residential homes onto neighboring streets, that are classified as collector streets and local streets, that these collector and local streets would otherwise not receive if there were no access restrictions to the “Urban Primary Arterial Roadway” from Timber Grove Road?

    Question: Why are no other neighborhoods that border the Christopher’s Crossing/Monocacy Blvd “Urban Primary Arterial Roadway” Loop seeing turning and access restrictions from their local neighborhood roadways onto the “Urban Primary Arterial Roadway” and their All Way Stops aren’t being removed? Why do the residents of Wormans Mill, Clover Ridge, Whittier, and the other neighborhoods get MORE SAFETY, BETTER PLANNING, and MORE CONSIDERATION than NorthCrossing?