Meeting Time: July 02, 2020 at 6:55pm EDT

Where: 101 North Court Frederick, Md 21701

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Agenda Item

IX. CITIZEN COMMENTS This is an opportunity for citizens to address the Mayor and Aldermen regarding items that may or may not appear on the Agenda. Please note speakers should first give their name and address. You are reminded that these proceedings are broadcast on live TV and you should speak clearly. All comments are limited to a total of five minutes per individual. Comments can be provided through the e-comments feature on the City website prior to the meeting, or by calling 301-600-1213 during the meeting.

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    Frederick Socialists Solidarity Network 16 days ago

    We as individuals recognize that it is long past time to take action and accountability for the racism and white supremacy within Frederick County and its institutions. It is your duty to act in a manner that ensures the safety and well being of all residents of Frederick county.

    A general history of prioritizing police militarization, surveillance and security, over community care, investment, and leadership accountability has driven a wedge between the city and county government and the communities those councils are meant to serve.

    Defund the Police:

    1) Lower department budgets of both county and city police by 20%. Total of 40%.

    2) Remove School Resource Officers from schools; replace them with counselors and teachers.

    3) End 287g - end the Sheriff department's collaboration with ICE.

    4) Demilitarize: NO police budget increases or expansion of capabilities or equipment.

    5) Release of all non-violent offenders tried and convicted in Frederick County.

    6) End/phase out local contracts with private prisons.

    Invest in the People:

    1) Invest in reentry programs for formerly incarcerated individuals.

    2) Create a civilian review board with subpoena power, lead by members of specifically Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, immigrant, and impoverished communities.

    3) Invest in immigrant communities by allocating money towards an undocumented COVID19 relief fund.

    4) Fund alternative 911 responder options, such as mental health crisis teams and community health programs
 aimed at prevention and restoration not reaction and incarceration, utilizing the CAHOOTS program as an example.

    5) Establish truly affordable housing in Frederick County - cancel rent while COVID19 still ravages our communities and provide a forgiveness plan for those unable to make mortgage payments.

    6) De-gentrification - land acknowledgement of indigenous land; recognize and uplift local black and indigenous history; establish a de-colonial review board for the Historical Society of Frederick County (Heritage Frederick); and allocate additional funding for groups like the African-American Resources - Cultural Heritage society.

    It is unconscionable to publicly decry the murder and targeted over-policing of Black communities, and at the same time vote to raise the budget of the very institutions at fault.